DRIVEN - Suzuki SX4

Suzuki has just launched its new SX4 Crossover in South Africa, we headed to the launch to give it a go
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SCOOP - X5M Nearing Reality

29 Jan 2009

X5M flat out in winter testing as BMW prepares for launch later this year
BMW continues to test its mighty new 400kW 750Nm 4.5-litre biturbo V8 X5m as it prepares to teach Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes' ML63 AMG a lesson...

Set to break cover by Frankfurt, with a concept possibly in Geneva development of the super-SAV is gathering pace as winter testing continues. The latest mule clearly shows those M-typical quad exhausts and the remnants of all that new M addenda all taped over, expect the finished product to be quite a looker too...

 Expect sub-5 0-100 with managable fuel consumption while as is BMW M practice, expect most of the chassis to be enhanced while the engine will surely cover new ground - likely blending turbo urge with high-revving power

Expect a price tag of around R1-million when sales start later this year with a similarly powerful, X6 M arriving next year.

BMW Acknowledges X5 & X6M
Cars in Action Online has done it again - we were the first media worldwide to predict the arrival of a BMW X5 and X6M as well as BMW M's move to biturbo V8s on its future bigger models.

Now BMW M boss Ludwig Willish has confirmed that X5M and X6M are being developed as a priority to take on Porsche Cayenne GTS and the Mercedes ML63 AMG.

“BMW M division is working on these projects,” Willisch admitted. “But it will be late 2009 at the earliest before they will be ready for the road.”

The current all-wheel drive system will be tweaked to provide a more rear-drive bias, while M has also admitted that it will indeed opt for twin-turbo V8 power, rather than developing the aspirated 5-litre V10.

As also exlusively predicted on this site, 2011 M5 will have a modern, high revving and economical turbocharged V8 engine.

PREVIOUSLY 16 July 2008
X6M As Promised
A  week ago we noted that BMW was busy testing its X6M when we showed you spy pics of that car's hybrid sister, and as promised, here are the pics we said we'd find for you...

Following shortly on behind the X5M we've been tracking lately, the super coupe SAV will share that car's 450kW 4.4-litre biturbo V8 only Cars in Action Online predicted a couple of months back and is now being confirmed by other titles the world over.

That all new V8 has been developed from the ground up and  like Mercedes-Benz's 6.3-litre AMG will become the staple engine in bigger BMW M cars, with M5 and M6 likely sporting an almost 500kW version of that high revving turbo mill...

X6M will have the regular 80% of its parts completely reworked by BMW M including beefy new bodywork, suspension, transmission, brakes, differentials and the literal kitchen sink

PREVIOUSLY 30 June 2008
X5M vs RS6 on Nurburgring
BMW's X5M is coming into focus very quickly. Just two weeks after we first trapped it, the all-new 400-plus kW biturbo V8 ultimate activity vehicle was pounding the Nurburgring with quite a bit more detail visible on the mule.

And it wasn't alone...

The blackened prototype was circulating the Green Hell in very close company (you can see it in the pics) with an Audi RS 6 avant. Which pretty well shows what BMW is taking aim at with its new super ute...

They are not playing either - note the BMW's aviating inside wheel as it tips into the Karroussel chicane. Would'nt like to be the engineer in the back seat monitoring the telemetry though - must be quite a dizzying job! - ML

PREVIOUSLY - 13 June 2008
Biturbo V8 X5M
X5 & X6M to be first turbo cars from BMW M
This car that seemed a little too open for our spy photographers is the long awaited BMW X5M.

And quite surprisingly, when a BMW insider called us to note our error in calling the next F110 M5 an E63 in the latest issue of Cars in Action's Fast Forward, our informant gushed out information of the first turbo M being a V8 biturbo that will make about 400kW and 650Nm and find its way into the X5M in our spy shots, and the similarly endowed X6M.

"Of course, we were right in figuring that M would expect nothing less tha100kW/litre"

Expect turbo V8 M cars to spread through the range like wildfire and even that the next M5 should employ a 450-odd kilowatt 750Nm version of this 4.5-litre V8 rather than the V10 we pencilled in in that Cars in Action speculation.

Of course, we were right in figuring that M would expect nothing less than 100kW/litre form the higher stressed versions of this engine, that can do far more than an aspirated 5-litre V10 and still be much lighter...

The reason for this liberal flow of info and so surprisingly open prototypes? Well BMW still doesn't offer a ML 63 AMG, Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Audi Q7 V12 rival and rather than let its faithful go out and buy one of those,like this it'll keep them loyal long enough to wait for one of these.

Expect the X5 and X6Ms to rush to 100km/h in well under five seconds and on to maximum speed electronically to 250 km/h. And namybe even do mud if it really needs to...

besides the regular M extra aluminium chassis bits and pieces, staunch brakes and big, cool and capable wheel and tyre, expect also a pretty trick body kit like any M should sport...

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