What is it? VW’s commercial input combines with passenger transport to create a vehicle that shares loose ties with the Cross Polo but with the intention to make people carrying a more vibrant and youthful experience. With seating for five or seven, depending on seat configuration, the Cross Caddy offers brilliant versatility but without noticeably […]


A company synonymous with diff locks, low range or even just something with a slightly raised ground clearance, Mitsubishi are taking on an adventure of a different kind – the first time car buyer with limited disposable income. Called the Mirage – but very much present in a range of glowing metallics – the forecast […]


The C-Class is notable in that it has pioneered features which would normally be the preserve of the mighty S-Class – only later to be filtered down into its higher volume movers. This reversed flow of technology includes features like the touch pad controller and heads-up display which debuted with the C-Class are only now […]


The Hyundai Grand i10 has come at the expense of one of the smaller i10 models which has been discontinued because of its similar pricing. That’s how condensed Hyundai’s i10 and i20 range currently is, with the Grand i10 now occupying that middle ground. After driving it I’m convinced Hyundai could have dropped more models […]

Andrew Leopold

One can only imagine how swiftly the updated Polo was approved by the board. We imagine the meeting went something like this, ‘our competitors are all claiming benchmark efficiency through small turbo engines…we’ve got a 1.2-litre TSI in the Golf and Jetta. What if…?’ And meeting adjourned. The new Polo looks every bit capable of […]

Andrew Leopold

In 2007 nobody could pronounce the word Qashqai and they certainly didn’t know what a Crossover vehicle was. Now in a burgeoning market, those two names roll off the tongues of housewives and expectant mothers with such fluency it must have surpassed even Nissan’s highest hopes. Prior to its arrival the design team had analysed […]

Andrew Leopold

Honda’s oldest badge in the company’s sedan segment is still sending the same message that helped build its formidable reputation, which is ‘spacious and affordable sedan with fixed engine outputs that were easy enough to understand for the memory-defeated people who bought them’ – and often outlasting them. Excitement is not a word that springs […]