The entry-level car segment is a tough place in the market, with plenty of choices and a rather wide spread of prices. Unfortunately for anyone looking to buy a new budget ride, there’s a new entry into this market and another option will surely make coming to a decision even more difficult, or will it? […]


What is it? In Europe the Ford Fusion goes by the original designation of Mondeo but America, Middle East and Africa deemed it necessary to rebrand as Ford Fusion. With previous Mondeos doing low numbers, Ford’s marketing team suggested giving the fourth generation a fresh start although mechanically, and everything else, the Ford Fusion is […]

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The BMW 1-Series has never been considered beautiful… Somehow BMW’s traditional styling methods just haven’t translated the same way as they have on the bigger models. Clearly though this matters little because BMW have had no problem shifting volume and adding derivatives to the baby hatch. For 2015 those ‘sympathetic’ headlights will become visually sharper and […]


A power increase for the Mercedes A45 AMG looks likely for 2015 in an effort to ensure that the upcoming Audi RS3 won’t stand as the most powerful hatch for a period longer than a few months.  Apart from increased power the Mercedes A45 AMG will go hand in hand with more radical visual changes […]


Porsche’s 911 range continues to grow, with yet another addition to the range added in Detroit, the 911 Targa 4 GTS. Designed to honour the 50th anniversary of the 911 Targa, the new model features a sportier front bumper, wider rear fenders, tinted bi-xenon headlights, aerodynamic mirrors, a sports exhaust system and gloss black 20-inch […]

Following several years in developments, numerous concepts and untold numbers of spy shots, Acura, has finally revealed its production-ready NSX, that’s Honda NSX to the rest of the world. The second-generation NSX draws most of its styling inspiration from previous concepts; however, beneath the skin is where things have changed quite drastically. Honda seems to […]

Ford has officially taken the wraps off its new GT, which comes complete with a hugely powerful engine. This is definitely one of the more exciting cars to have been revealed at the auto show. Don’t think that this is just some show-going concept car though. A production version is on its way, scheduled to […]

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Following an announcement last year, Mercedes-Benz has introduced its new C450 AMG Sport in Detroit. The new model will sit just below the fully-fledged C63 AMG and is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 engine. The engine has received a series of upgrades, which include increasing its boost. Output now stands at 270kW and 5500rpm […]

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Following a series of leaked images and revealing spy shots, Alfa Romeo has now officially revealed its new 4C Spider at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Spider has naturally retained most of the coupe’s design, however, Alfa Romeo has added sculpted air intakes on the side. One of the other main […]

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Volvo won’t be outdone at the Detroit Motor Show as they prepare to unveil the Volvo S60 Cross Country. And why not, the Swedish company was the first to introduce all-road variants of their current wagons – although the Volvo S60 Cross Country is undoubtedly their most luxurious off-road model to date. “We want to […]