Just how devastating the news that Spyker has been declared bankrupt is hard to gauge since many, particularly in South Africa, would have had little interaction with the brand. Sadly for the Dutch automaker, there is no Christmas cheer as they have failed to secure the funding required to keep the company’s doors open. In […]

Spyker bankrupt

Audi has officially taken the wraps off its new RS3 Sportback, which Audi has described as a “world-beating car” It’s good to see that it didn’t take them nearly as long to give the S3 RS treatment as it did last generation. The new RS3 Sportback features an aggressive front end with large air intakes […]

RS 3

For some reason the updated Volkswagen Jetta didn’t qualify for a typical launch event so at this point we’re unable to provide any driving impressions.  What we can tell you about one of Volkswagen’s best-selling cars (globally and locally) is that the revamped, modern shape is 10 per cent more aerodynamic and the interior spruced […]


Yet another leak has prompted another company to  take the wraps off an upcoming model, in this case, it Mini, who have officially revealed the new Mini JCW following a leak. Mini says the vehicle combines “authentic race feeling with the premium characteristics and extended product substance of the latest MINI Generation”. It also claims […]

Mini 2

Following a leak, Mercedes has gone ahead and officially revealed its upcoming GLE Coupe. Designed to take on the BMW X6, Mercedes says it is a striking combination of a coupe and a crossover. As for the styling, it has a very prominent front end with a single bar grille, flanked by LED headlights. It […]

merc 1

Today no car must serve a single purpose, which is reason why Audi’s TT – a car we thought couldn’t be more single minded – is up for expansion. The new TT, in short, will have to evolve into either a CLA or Range Rover Evoque rival as part of Rupert Stadler’s (Audi’s chairman) 22-billion […]


Fancy a Ferrari 458 Spider, but they’re just too common for you? Well, maybe this will be what you are looking for. Ferrari has taken the wraps off the production version of the Pininfarina Sergio Concept. It was designed to pay tribute to Sergio Pininfarina, who helped to forge the long partnership with Ferrari. The […]

Sergio 1

What is it? An attempt to modernise the VW Touareg four years after this specific version was launched. Mostly cosmetic, the headlights and grille are slimmer with more style tightening occurring around the rear end. VW describe the new visage as an inverted V shape – can you see it? Interior knobs and dials have […]


Ferrari has officially taken the wraps off its new FXX K ahead of its debut at the Finali Mondiali event in Abu Dhabi. Previously known as LaFerrari XX, it is based on the new LaFerrari, which was of course the firm’s first hybrid car. The K letter in its name is reference to the KERS […]

FXX k 1

In the decade that I have been a writer in automotive arena I’ve had the privilege of attending a great number Audi SA car launches, and driven and lived, albeit short stints, a near equal amount of the brand’s products. Thing is, if you were born in the 90s the likelihood is that you have […]

Audi 1